Patron Appreciation

Mission Fundraising Campaigns

Weather donor directed or general projects. Your tax deductible support will go to dynamic activities. Likewise we have no paid staff. Furthermore we are led through community involvement. As well as volunteer participation. In short our vendors understand the importance of our community projects.

  1. Irish Georgian Society Dublin


    Donate, attend, and participate in our tax-deductible curated exhibitions! Accomplished through service projects. Allowing artists, teachers, and students opportunities to excel. By participating in exhibitions, film screenings, and conversations with invited speakers. From a variety of arts related fields. We understand that putting the academic excellence of the next generation of artists and art historians on display is an important endeavor.
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  2. Education

    Support the important tax-deductible education mission of the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art 501c3. We provide curriculum and student opportunities to work with the organization’s leadership team. Building solid education partners is a vital part of our multi-generational activities. Every program hosts an educational aspect geared to individual communities coordinated with our volunteers, vendors, and partners.

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  3. Donate

    Donate for a Tax-deductible contribution to the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art. Help us host, plan curated events, and further the important story of women in the arts. Through our online knowledge base, we catalogue women artist in a family’s legacy. With our traveling exhibitions we exhibit art and host events. Our patron programs offer membership and participation opportunities tailored to our communities.

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Patron Programs

Through membership you can become involved. By helping us host and plan possible curated events in your region. To sum up become an ambassador. Help us make our organization mission driven.