“I appreciate everyone who assisted in bringing lost memories to light once again”

– Clint W.

Eleanor Elliott 1924 -2015 Student of Weber Furlong “I studied under a famous artist”

– Eleanor E.

“To live is to paint I never missed a day in the circle studio”.

– Weber F

Share a family or friends’ story

If you have or know someone with a deceased woman artist in their family share her story with the world! We will post it on our online repository for the world to see. We ensure her story lives on. Contact us below and we will get in touch with you by email. We will create the post and ask you to provide a photo of the artist and example her artwork whenever possible.

Please Provide

  • Birth and death date with short biography and type of art created by the artist. We will contact you by email for more information and photos if you have them!

Become a part of something wonderful and help us share the important legacy of women artists and their importance throughout history. How many stories are lost to time? We may never know, but we can work to help others preserve their legacy and tell their story by participating in our curated events and online knowledge base.