Patron Programs

Through our patron programs we offer tax deductible membership and participation opportunities to a diverse community. In the same way joining today includes a tax-deductible donation. To the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art 501(c)3. This included a one-year Weber Furlong Foundation membership. As a result, you can purchase items with product discounts in the museum store. Subsequently with membership you help us host and plan possible curated events in your region. Foremost through our online knowledge base. We catalogue women artist in a family’s storyline. Correspondingly our traveling exhibitions expand an important narrative. In contrast we exhibit art and host events.



Art Supporter




Major Donor
$5,000/year or more

Foremost make an extraordinary commitment to team programs. Moreover, have unparoled personal relationships with our leadership. In addition, help shape projects and fulfillment of our mission. Receive online store discounts.