Her life her art her legacy

In search of Weber Furlong Documentary Film Trailer.

Through the exhibition of art, we preserve artistic expression. As a result, the Weber Furlong exhibition “Her life, her art, her legacy.” Above all has drawn international attention. As well as generated multicultural interest throughout our travels. In Addition, special edition books, posters, and gift shop materials are in high demand. Especially during our events. Currently the traveling exhibition consists of 90 Items. Of which thirty-five paintings are available. Ready for travel. Others are available upon request.

Importantly we assist students, artists, and teachers to help support their personal interests and professional goals through curated programs.

  • Art Exhibition
  • Seminars
  • Symposiums
  • Guest Speakers
  • Education Programs
  • Curatorial Participation
  • Documentary Film
  • Catered Event Hosting

Above all public engagement is through service projects. Also Allowing artists, teachers, and students opportunities to excel. Subsequently by participating in exhibitions, film screenings, and conversations. Finally assisted by invited speakers from a variety of arts related fields. In conclusion we understand, putting the academic excellence of the next generation of artists and art historians on display is an important endeavor.

Early On

Following her death, the collected works of art belonging to Weber Furlong remained hidden for fifty years. Subsequently boxed up under the bed of our founder Clint Weber. Nevertheless, professor emeritus James Kettlewell curator of the Hyde Collection. Likewise searched for the works of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong. Also assigning his students the task of trying to find them.


Beginning a most amazing journey the executive director and chief curator of the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art. Finally removed the collection of paintings from their original shipping cartons. Assisted by Mona Blocker Garcia of the International Women’s Foundation. The Weber Furlong Collection began the project. In 2012 from Marfa, Texas a full retrospective was held at the iconic Building 98. All are welcome to share in that ongoing endeavor.

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