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In the arts performing arts is one that captures the essence of drama, music, and dance through live performance. From the opera to theater people are captivated through live entertainment it has the ability to express emotion.

Bring it forward

Create present and respond art (CPR). There is much meaning conveyed in many women artist’s works. Bringing their story to the forefront will define the cultural context of their story and the meaning of their work. How do we relate to the story and the artist? What make a woman an artist? What makes it great? What Makes it valuable? Many women pull off what make art aesthetically pleasing. In a local context it most always understood and appreciated.

Let’s tell the story

If you have or know someone with a deceased female artist in their family share her story with the world! We will post it on our online repository for the world to see. We are dedicated to ensuring her story lives on. Contact us below and we will get in touch with you by email. We will create the post and ask you to provide a photo of the artist and example her artwork whenever possible.

Please Provide

  • Contact us we will get in touch with you by email and create the post.
  • Birth and death date with short biography and type of art.
  • Once contacted provide a photo of the artist and example her artwork.

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