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No more lost legacies

In the world today photography continues to capture the interest of many. Women have long had a place in the foundations of photography. Clearly earning a place among pioneering professionals with their contributions. Photography can seize a moment in time and convey the beauty of our environment.   It has the unique ability to preset nature and wildlife in such a way as to it reminds us, we are part of something wonderful. Photography captures a wide array of subject matter and professional opportunities.  One can begin imagining a place or a moment as if we are there. It also reminds us of the magnificence the world offers. To visual expression as an art form photography is of immense importance. Like the visual arts it has the power to heal the heart and wellbeing of an individual.

Let’s tell the story

If you have or know someone with a deceased female artist in their family share her story with the world! We will post it on our online repository for the world to see. We are dedicated to ensuring her story lives on. Contact us below and we will get in touch with you by email. We will create the post and ask you to provide a photo of the artist and example her artwork whenever possible.

Please Provide

  • Contact us we will get in touch with you by email and create the post.
  • Birth and death date with short biography and type of art.
  • Once contacted provide a photo of the artist and example her artwork.
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