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The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art is a nonprofit corporation, organized for charitable and scholastic programs for museums and educational institutions. Established with the purpose of becoming an educational resource on Modern Art by preserving the artistic legacy of the American artist Wilhelmina Weber Furlong (1878-1962) for the public benefit.  The Weber Furlong organization is dedicated to furthering the important history of women in the arts and the exhibition of Art.

Our mission includes the online documentation of women in the arts and fostering the exhibition of art. Furthering art history education, awareness, and excellence. Increasing public awareness of art history education.

Maintaining an affiliation with the legacy of the artist Wilhelmina Weber Furlong and furthering the awareness, preservation, exhibition, and documentation of her work for the public benefit.

Providing educational support for these purposes by providing programs and curriculum for art history education related studies, the exhibition and sponsoring of art history education, and events for recognizing artists, their families, educators, and students.

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